Retro Gaming: Double Dragon 2


The late 80s early 90s was full of brawlers known as beat ’em up games. One such game I find myself constantly going back to is Double Dragon 2 for the NES. Now this is a port from the Arcade release, but I must say I personally find this to be a superior version to the arcade version. Everything about Double Dragon 2 feels so fun and fresh. Most games of this genre seem to suffer a fate of repetition. What Double Dragon 2 does right is essentially always engage the gamer with fresh ideas.

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Mad Men: Season 6 Closing

I will just do a very brief write-up on the ending of this season.

Another season of Mad Men has come and gone. I must say I enjoyed this season quite a bit. Yes, it was another season full of excessive drinking and philandering, but that seems to be part of the identity of this show. Don seems to be at a crossroad once again in his love life. Not sure what to make of the conclusion since his girlfriend seemed to be more than upset over the decision to remain in their present city as she did have a great job offer in LA lined up.


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In all my years of gaming I have yet to come across a more unique and satisfying feeling that Shenmue provides. It is something hard to truly comprehend in words. This title by Yu Suzuki has brought forth a level of immersion gaming has yet to experience; Yes, for a title released back in 1999 it was certainly ahead of its time. The primary reason for the mixed review scores this title received was mostly due to the nature of this title, the slow pacing of the story and the uncertainty of what they thought they would get out of this experience.

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Mad Men Season 6


It is about time I made a post for the TV Shows category and this seems to be the good candidate to start with.

TV shows of today seem to be diluted with endless reality shows which can become quite mundane more than anything else. I suppose with TV subscription sales on the decline there is not much urgency to show much else; for better or worse. Thankfully, there are still quite a few intriguing shows to watch. One which is my personal favourite is Mad Men.

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