Virtues Last Reward


Virtues Last Reward was developed as a sequel to the title 999 developed by Spike Chunsoft. Once again the story revolves around people being trapped inside a facility without knowing how they got there in the first place. It is their task to find out where they all are and who everyone is.


Trapped in an unknown facility they awaken to find themselves trapped inside a facility. The protagonist you plays as, Sigma, is awakened inside an elevator alongside another character named Phi.Once they escape they meet Zero Jr. along with the other trapped players who are told they are all part of a project known as the nonery game. Rules are then explained, especially about the bracelets they are each equipped with. They are allocated a certain amount of BP (Bracelet Points) and once a person reaches 9 on their bracelet they are able to escape though the door labeled 9 in the very room where they currently stand however, if they reach 0 they will receive death through chemicals laden without their bracelets. Furthermore. each round of the game will pair characters either with the same or different people depending on the colour of their bracelet.

Points as allocated through voting which takes places in the AB rooms. Each person must choose between ally or betray. Points will either be rewarded or subtracted depending on how the other characters partner votes. Trust is the key factor in the nonery game.

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