All works published on this page are writings by Mr. Coar (Jcgamer60). Any similar posts made on another blog are coincidental and are by no means an act of plagiarism. Work here is done purely on behalf of my own personal fulfillment and gain.If there are any discrepancies or other issues pertaining to content on this page can be dealt with by e-mail communication through the contact link on the top of this blog.

The blog will mostly be updated at my leisure as I am doing this as a hobby, for the most part, and my love for writing about what interests me the most. Constructive criticism is more than welcome as I am learning myself and always will be.

Come here to appreciate my writings on video games, books, as well as the arts. There could be an odd update here and there on the most random daily internet contrivances. Perhaps in the future I will utilize this web blog for more productive uses, although for now, I will keep it simple (Suggestions are more than welcome).

As I am not a big advocate of social networking, in general, this would be the only place where you can contact me, if anything.

Best wishes to everyone and thank you for taking the time to browse my blog and hopefully enjoying the readings.


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