Usage of Colour



Notice the clever usage of colour in this screenshot. I had to do a blog update on this since it is a screenshot of a game I am anticipating – it is a Jane Jensen game after all. The reason I am referring to this picture is the amount of colour you see in it which really adds to the level of atmosphere and hopefully the vibe of the main story. How come more modern game iterations can’t be this brave and do something unique. For the most part, you will only see dark dreary shooters or overly realistic sports games.

Art is a way to truly express emotion and while gaming may not be considered art overall it definitely holds traits of it. To see these traits disappear over time would be detrimental to the medium overall. Sales of titles such as this will lead the way to more creative games in the future.

It is time for developers to start taking risks and be more creative as it will pay off in the long run in terms of attracting people outside the gaming norm. I don’t want to seem like a PR mouthpiece for this game, but I do recommend checking it upon release. A demo should be released later this month for the public.


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