Retro Gaming – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhatten Project


Turtle Power


The third entry in the Ninja Turtle library for the NES developed by Konami and released in Japan in 1991 and 2 months later in 1992 for North America. Unlike the previous two entries which had their own respective arcade versions this one was developed solely for the Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System.


While on vacation the turtles find themselves relaxing on a sunny beach and watching the news who their friend April O’Neil is shown reporting when suddenly her broadcast becomes hijacked. April finds herself kidnapped by the turtles arch nemesis ‘Shredder’ who states that he has turned Manhattan into a floating island and if they want things back to normal including the return of their friend they must follow him to his lair.

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An unforgettable audiovisual experience; a true Studio Ghilbi-esque game


This title is developed by an indie developer known as ‘thatgamecompany’ and is published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The concept is quite simple and you play a lone robot-esque person as you traverse a desert (your starting point).


Story is not the focal point of this title as the experience is the central component for this game. There is no narrative to be seen here as the experience is driven by the player and the on-rails pathway.


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Next Generation



At last I bit the bullet and ponied up for a next=gen console; such a sleek design and a hefty import price tag for the white Japanese model as well. If only Sony knew how much some of us value our colors here in North America.


IMG_0361.JPGNext generation graphics at it’s finest.

The vivid colours really highlight the aesthetics of Dragon Quest Heroes. One thing I like about PS4 is the true use of AA (Anti-Aliasing); no jagged edges around polygons in sight. Even with the latest model console the fan speed is still quite loud compared to older hardware, but nothing that will be too irritable as to hamper your enjoyment.

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