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Here is a game created by indie developer Toby Fox which was released in 2015. Initially Undertale was released on platforms Windows and OS X. Ports later followed for the Vita, Linux and the PS4.

Inspirations for this title really shine through as people who have played the Mother series (Earthbound in the west) will immediately feel the familiarity here. From the sprites to the battle screen this was clearly meant as a love letter for fans of that series.

This is not to say that all is cut and paste. Undertale takes a unique twist to the battle system which Japanese developers had yet to touch on. These additions make each battle  interactive and fun. After initiating an attack you control an on-screen heart which you then must dodge incoming projectiles for a set amount of time to avoid losing HP. If you are very good at these mini-games perhaps you can make it through without sustaining any damage at all.

It also has a quintessential linear level-design with the option of returning to prior areas in unique ways so you will never feel like you missed something.

Characters you meet have witty dialogue and are quite likeable which can keep you smiling a long the way. All the way to the very end creativity spews forth which will quell any sensation of tedium, if such an emotion ever sets forth.

Undertale will clock in at around 6 hours depending on how much of the terrain you choose to explore. With its riveting synthetic sounds and creative gameplay aspects Undertale will keep you entertained for hours.


Platforms: PC, OS X, Vita, PS4