Mad Men: Season 6 Closing

I will just do a very brief write-up on the ending of this season.

Another season of Mad Men has come and gone. I must say I enjoyed this season quite a bit. Yes, it was another season full of excessive drinking and philandering, but that seems to be part of the identity of this show. Don seems to be at a crossroad once again in his love life. Not sure what to make of the conclusion since his girlfriend seemed to be more than upset over the decision to remain in their present city as she did have a great job offer in LA lined up.


Going back to the topic of decisions I would have to say that even Peggy was shaken by her office love affair’s decision. Don’s daughter Sally seems to be in emotional turmoil which one may say could be attributed to that surprise she ran into in Don’s apartment. The final episode left off with Don taking charge and showing his kids where he grew up. Don really portrayed his sentimental side in a company meeting earlier on, which helps express Don’s character more and how he became the individual he is now. I feel that all remaining questions such us what finally becomes of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce will be wrapped up next season – at least I hope – and finally put a wonderful end to this great show.

Each character seemed to have played a major role in this season and I can’t wait to see what finally happens in the last season. Well, according to Matthew Weiner the next should theoretically be the last season.


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