The Wolf Among Us: Chapter 1


From the creators of “The Walking Dead” adventure series comes a new adventure with noir-like atmosphere.

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Beyond: Two Souls (Demo Impressions)


Well the demo was released for the upcoming Sony blockbuster known as Beyond: Two Souls starring actors such as Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. When playing games by David Cage it is best to go in expecting similarities to his previous titles such as Heavy Rain. To further elaborate, Heavy Rain was more of an interactive movie experience than a game. Mostly game elements filled with Quick Timing Events (QTE) – prompting the user to push buttons in a particular sequence based on what is displayed on the screen. So does Beyond take it a step further or is it more of the same?


From the beginning of the demo everything feels very familiar to Heavy Rain. Everything from the impressive graphics to the on-screen button prompts. Although, another layer was added such as pushing the joystick in a certain direction to dictate certain actions. The acting is quite impressive and I found the first scene in the demo to really grasp me emotionally.

Another new edition is the supernatural elements added such as a companion you can control called Aiden. Essentially it is a ghost you can control and maneuver around the surrounding environment. You can play tricks on individuals and manipulate objects with the flick of the joystick. Taking control of individuals with Aiden plays and integral role in moving the story forward. For example, one scene has you taking control of an officer in order for you to escape.

Further on in the demo you can actually control a motorcycle during an escape. I hope there are more scenes like this where you have more control over the game.

So far, I think this could be quite an interesting game, but only time will tell. Be sure to give it a try upon release.