Mad Men Season 6


It is about time I made a post for the TV Shows category and this seems to be the good candidate to start with.

TV shows of today seem to be diluted with endless reality shows which can become quite mundane more than anything else. I suppose with TV subscription sales on the decline there is not much urgency to show much else; for better or worse. Thankfully, there are still quite a few intriguing shows to watch. One which is my personal favourite is Mad Men.

A show which takes place in the 1960s and – according to a few sources I read online – is quite representative of the political and social issues around this time period even the office politics themselves. A lot of drinking, philandering, and neat dress attire were common amongst the people of that generation. The acting in this show is incredible which is what initially attracted my attention. The drama the characters go through and the emotion they portray through their sometimes derogatory language and demeanor help attract the attention span of the audience.

Now in their 6th Season Matthew Weiner states this is the penultimate of the series which, makes me both happy and distraught at the same time. I prefer a series to end before it begins to degrade in quality as I believe a show should not just continue because the fans demand it, but because the creator feels he can continue at an adequate level of quality.

Only a few episodes left for this season, and I can honestly state I am enjoying this one more than the last. As always drama entails and my favourite character Don is up to his old tricks once again – poor Megan – making secret love affairs with other women in his life. As always the actors are doing a great job along with the lady who plays Joan – Christina Hendricks – a lady I find super attractive. Also, Pete Campbell once again showcasing his desire to really move up in the company.

A shame all series must eventually come to and end but sometimes it is for the best. Jerry Seinfeld personally stated he wanted his show to end before the quality started to deteriorate, which I find very respectable.


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