Castlevania – Harmony of Dissonance

maxresdefault.jpg                                                     A fine adventuredivider
Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance is the 2nd game in the GBA lineup of Castlevania titles. Released a year after ‘Circle of the Moon’ and still utilizing the Metroid-esque (Metroidvania) formula which started with the critically acclaimed ‘Symphony of the Night’ released on PS1.


The story takes place 44 years before Rondo of Blood and 50 years after Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest.

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Game of the Year

Regrettably, still playing catch-up with gaming titles and not really having the opportunity to play many 2016 games it is not wise to crown a 2016 game of the year, per se.

Instead I will simply crown the best game I have played this year, but not necessary released this year…

Award goes to:


Ninja Gaiden II

Ninja-gaiden-2-graveyard-1.jpg                                         Can 3D action get any better?divider
Ninja Gaiden II is the follow-up to the immensely satisfying, albeit difficult, Ninja Gaiden I for the Xbox. Team Ninja has ramped up the intensity on the 360 by adding new mechanics and weapons into the mix. Where does this title take Ryu Hayabusa this time?


CIA agent Sonia is searching for the elusive Ryu Hayabusa when she gets attacked by members of the Black Spider Ninja Clan in Muramusa’s shop. Ryu discovers this attempt and after a vain attempt to stop this capture he chases the clan towards the skyscraper in Tokyo.

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Talos Principle


                                                 Oh the atmosphere!divider
Talos Principle is a rather unique title that has been spat out by a Croatian developer known as Croteam. The main object of this puzzle adventure is self-discovery.


The journey begins where you start off as an android and is confused about its present whereabouts. There is a voice from an omnipotent being who guides you around your current surroundings. As you continue your journey you learn more about yourself and life through philosophical texts at terminals. These terminals are based on the DOS OS which had more common usage in the late eighties and early nighties.

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Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment


           A giant leap from the last outing but not without flawsdivider
Here we have another entry into the world of Sherlock Homes by Frogwares Studio. With quite a number of Sherlock Holmes titles under their belt the series has constantly been getting better with each iteration. Without further undo onto the story shall we?


You begin your adventure in the apartment of Sherlock Holmes who we find none other than Sherlock Holmes at one of his crazy antics involving firing a gun blindfolded in his own living room. Watson questions Sherlock’s behavior and eventually arrive the story arrives at the beginning of the first of 6 cases in this adventure. Some stories have been directly adapted from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories in the original books.

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Code Realize


                 Standard take on the Arsene Lupin Universedivider
Code Realize is a visual-novel project by Aksys Games of the Otome genre. Otome primarily has a romance theme to its storyline and here we have a female protagonist named Cardia who comes from royalty.


Cardia learns she has poison thoughout her body and the gem in her chest seems to have the story behind all this. Eventually ends up in the company of Arsene Lupin (the gentleman thief) and his associates whom decide to help her solve the mystery of her gem and the story behind her father. For those unfamiliar with the Arsene Lupin he is known to be stealthy as he steals from high security facilities with a London setting and has a bit of a romantic charm to his persona as well.

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