Talos Principle


                                                 Oh the atmosphere!divider
Talos Principle is a rather unique title that has been spat out by a Croatian developer known as Croteam. The main object of this puzzle adventure is self-discovery.


The journey begins where you start off as an android and is confused about its present whereabouts. There is a voice from an omnipotent being who guides you around your current surroundings. As you continue your journey you learn more about yourself and life through philosophical texts at terminals. These terminals are based on the DOS OS which had more common usage in the late eighties and early nighties.

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Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment


           A giant leap from the last outing but not without flawsdivider
Here we have another entry into the world of Sherlock Homes by Frogwares Studio. With quite a number of Sherlock Holmes titles under their belt the series has constantly been getting better with each iteration. Without further undo onto the story shall we?


You begin your adventure in the apartment of Sherlock Holmes who we find none other than Sherlock Holmes at one of his crazy antics involving firing a gun blindfolded in his own living room. Watson questions Sherlock’s behavior and eventually arrive the story arrives at the beginning of the first of 6 cases in this adventure. Some stories have been directly adapted from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories in the original books.

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Dragon Quest Heroes

share Will charm thy Dragon Quest fan yet may sully non-musou addictsdivider
Dragon quest has a long history dating back to the Famicom/NES day. It has popularity surpassing even Final Fantasy in the land of the rising sun. Creator Yuji Hori along with an external development team – Omega Force – have decided to give fans a taste of things to come with the release of this Dynasty Warriors-styled Dragon Quest Game. Musou is the name of the genre Dynasty Warriors utilized and there have been many Game IPs that have been jumping on the musou bandwagon as well. Dragon Quest is a recent one and has added in a few RPG elements into the mix as well such as utilizing magic and being able to upgrade equipment and such.


The story is your quintessential save the world trope with darkness threatening to spew over the land unless it is stopped by a certain cast of heroes. These heroes consist of Lucas and Aurora who are captains of the Royal Guard. Together with other characters joining along the way they must defend the kingdom of Arba from Velesco who wants to awaken the black dragon Shadroth.

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An unforgettable audiovisual experience; a true Studio Ghilbi-esque game


This title is developed by an indie developer known as ‘thatgamecompany’ and is published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The concept is quite simple and you play a lone robot-esque person as you traverse a desert (your starting point).


Story is not the focal point of this title as the experience is the central component for this game. There is no narrative to be seen here as the experience is driven by the player and the on-rails pathway.


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