Now here is a blast from the past


Tex Murphy

Yes, ladies and gents, the return of the 90s adventure game at last. To get people up speed a bit Tex Murphy was a popular point and click adventure game series from the 90s. The final game – Overseer – was actually a prequel which sadly ended in a cliffhanger. Sounds familiar, right? *Cough* Shenmue.

It has been Chris Jones’ and Arron Conners’ lifelong ambition to finally bring some closure to this series which ended so long ago. The adventure game genre took a nose dive and they were not able to get funding to finish their series. Now thanks to the Kickstarter revenue stream they can finally – after so many years of making obscure casual adventure games – complete their dream. No firm release date yet but as long as the final product is to their satisfaction no complaints.


This being a FMV adventure game utilizing real actors with Chris Jones playing Tex one must wonder how they will compensate for age in the storyline. I’m sure there have been alterations here and there as long as it does not stifle their original ambitions it should be fine.

The genre of FMV adventure games has been dormant for quite some time now. This may bring forth a surge of new FMV adventures in the near future. On a personal level I love these type of games and will be doing a write-up on certain classics such as Jane Jensen’s Gabriel Knight 2.


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