An unforgettable audiovisual experience; a true Studio Ghilbi-esque game


This title is developed by an indie developer known as ‘thatgamecompany’ and is published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The concept is quite simple and you play a lone robot-esque person as you traverse a desert (your starting point).


Story is not the focal point of this title as the experience is the central component for this game. There is no narrative to be seen here as the experience is driven by the player and the on-rails pathway.



The experience is controlled via your controller by utilizing the camera either by the built-in gyroscope or your right joystick. You use your other joystick to control your main character throughout the playing field.

Visual cues are your guide throughout this journey. Your guides will either be floating carpets or far off light sources in the distance. In order to attain the ability to jump you must press circle around nearby tags or carpets. Your jumping ability is restricted to attaining these game objects.

Platforming and running down guided pathways is the key to success. This is a fairly relaxed experience as there was no known ‘game over’ situations I came across. Simply use intuition to reach the end stone slab. Once activated you will either be transported to a new area or a further pathway shall be opened. The environments you experience in your journey are truly captivating.



Simply gorgeous to look at. Just when you feel a sense of taedium vitae a new environment will be available and you will be awestruck once again. The vibrant colours will make one feel like they are playing through a Disney animated flick. No issues on this front as each environment has its own distinct colour palette.


The audio is right on cue as in it is a perfect tie-in to the graphical representation of what is currently being displayed on the screen. The sound effects are a perfect compliment to the ambient musical theme that runs in the background. A decent sound setup or headphones is advised to fully immerse yourself in this world.



In the many games I have played throughout the years this is one unique as well as short title (2 hours or less) experience that cannot be recommended enough. Movies and games are very unique animals and this is a showcase of what gaming is about with the simple interface and charming visual representation with no story/narrative to speak of.

Fun for all ages and both new and experienced gamers should make this be at the top of your priority list.

Platform(s): PS3, PS4 (Via PS Now streaming service)


2 thoughts on “Journey

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