Steve Jobs

Now here is a man who has lived in the shadows of Bill Gates. Surprisingly, after reading this book I truly believe that he deserves much more publicity and respect.

What I really liked about Steve was how meticulous he was about design of his products. From the times of original Apple all the way to the Ipad tiny details related design was considered to be a very big deal to him. Learning about his work methods has allowed me to appreciate apple products a lot more. Besides Apple Steve Jobs had a role at Pixar which helped in providing the magic to classics such as Toy Story. Personally, I think Disney has run low on ideas and they owe a great deal to Pixar for their many efforts.

Although, I was never a fan of Apple’s Ipod since I believed Cowan players had superior audio quality I could not help but appreciate the design aesthetics of the Ipod. What Jobs believed in was innovation, which is what drives marketability and sales. It is a shame some companies today don’t realize these factors and how integral it is for a product from a marketability standpoint.

In the end Microsoft ended up taking most of the popularity through the release of their Windows operating system and their willingness to license the software out to different companies to use on their hardware as opposed to Apple which focuses on a more closed architectural framework. Each distribution of OS has its own pros and cons overall so the better method is debatable, but Windows clearly won in the end in terms of sales.


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