(Tech) Sonos Play 1 Wireless Speakers

It has been awhile since I acquired new hardware. The Sonos play 1 speakers are a piece of equipment I have been eyeing for a while.


The aesthetics of this device are quite nice. It comes in 2 colours: black and white. The white version better fits the aesthetics of my current room so I chose that version. The play 1 speaker is quite heavy for its size but the built quality definitely feels good.

The setup for the device is quite simple. You must have a home wireless network and all you need to do is start the Sonos controller application either from your PC/MAC or IOS/Android device and follow the on-screen prompts. The setup is quite easy with no hassle and you should have your speaker system up and running in no time.

There is a bit of noticeable lag when selecting a song from your phone app, (about 2-3 seconds) but this should not be too much of an inconvenience – sometimes it can be instant – as the joy of hearing your music play wirelessly should more than suffice. This is not a bluetooth device so battery consumption when using your portable Sonos controller should not be too much of a concern.


Sonos is known for good sound quality and this device sure enough hits the mark. Going through difference tracks of music whether rock, orchestration, hiphop or chiptunes the Sonos quality sure enough shines through. There are limited EQ options to play with if the sound is not completely to your liking which I fiddled with once.

You have to option to connect your Sonos with an ethernet cable at the back if you feel that will enhance the reliability of the device. Sadly there is no aux input port for plugging in your devices into, but the sole purpose of this device is wireless connectivity so perhaps that may not be too much of a concern.

The wireless controller application has the ability to play music directly on your device or through a cloud storage service such as google play music.


All in all, I think this was quite a good purchase that I will further expand on when I move into my future home as there is an option to buy multiple speakers and do a stereo pair etc…

Also, with updates being added to the Sonos controller even more good stuff is just waiting to be added in the future.

Merry Christmas!!


Return of King’s Quest

I couldn’t help but be awestruck by the new King’s Quest trailer posted on Adventure Gamers.

Kings Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone tomorrow was one of the first adventure games I played growing up and it happened to be the best in the series. The 6th entry being designed by both Roberta and Jane Jensen is probably one of the reasons.


A nice mix of fantasy and adventure. Kings Quest VI had a nice love story with nice writing and humour to go along with it all; It was a game perfect for all ages.  This is a title deserving of a modern-day update with hopefully the same voice cast if possible – there may be licensing issues here.


Now watching the new trailer for the modern-day Kings Quest I can’t help but sense the same level of adventure and fantasy. The trailer was shown off with Roberta and Ken Williams on stage at the video game awards. They received a lifetime achievement award which is quite deserving. If you have nothing better to do it wouldn’t hurt to watch a few clips on youtube.

The Game Awards.

Day of Tentacle Remaster Announced

So apparently a classic title known as Day of Tentacle is being remastered.



I never got the opportunity to play this back in the day and I have been putting this off for awhile. Now I have no excuse since it is being updated for modern platforms. This classic, developed by LucusArts, is considered one of the top adventure games of all time so It should not be missed.

No word on a release day yet but be sure to stay tuned. Now excuse me while I go back to playing Sailor’s Dream for IOS.