Relevance of Game Music

After experiencing Video Games Live for the 2nd time and feeling overwhelmed with joy at hearing tunes from my favorite video games as a child one must share this emotion with others.

Video Games live was established by a video game composer Tommy Tallarico as a way of conveying game music to the masses, if I am to understand correctly. He wants to show the world that video games contain artistic merit and are comparable to movies in terms of sound and music production. The generation of old, for the most part, can’t see video games the way gamers do as this is still a fairly new form of entertainment so this is a form of persuading people to passon the message of the relevance of game music.

Music from popular titles such as Zelda and Ace Attorney had me swelling with emotion as the Calgary Orchestra played their most popular tunes and people in the audience cheered loudly as Final Fantasy music began to play. This is the generation of today, and it is here to stay. Some love it, yet some who may not have grown up with video may not be so elevated with joy – as some show little emotion while sitting in the audience, but for the hearts the show was able to touch it sure did a wonderful job.


I recommend all to check it out if it comes to a town near you. Please be sure to come back to Calgary, Alberta Video games live. We sure appreciate you.