Her Story Released + Danganranpa is awesome

Well, it seems Sam Barlow’s (Silent Hills: Shattered Memories) FMV project  – Her Story – is now released and priced at a cheap rate $5. Reviews thus far have been quite positive so it will be interesting for me to provide my own take on this unique project.


The story and gameplay seem to revolve around a simple premise of interviewing a woman in police custody. Sometimes the most simple concepts can be the best.

Also, playing through the first Danganronpa and it definitely adds something great to the world of visual novels with its adventure and Phoenix Wright-esque gameplay.

Look forward to a review soon




Miracles do happen?

Kickstarter Page

Well, after 14 long years the sequel to Shenmue 3 will finally receive the opportunity to be funded. Legendary game designer Yu Suzuki came on stage at the E3 Sony press conference to announce his long awaited ambition at last.

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An Ode to Films of the 80s

Just came back from watching this kickstarter funded short film based on the 80s time period from a local cinema. Yes, bandanas and arcades are present. What can I say but this was a really well put together film with much comedy to ensure a quality time. Although, I don’t believe this will turn the heads of people who did not grow up watching 80s films and video games of the same period as there are quite a lot of inside jokes.

Expect to see time travel, retro cartoon throwbacks, and Nazis. The cheese factor in this film is pretty high up there so it is best not to go in with serious expectations. By the way, it is free to watch:

Don’t forget to check out the cheesy yet, quite well done music video featuring none other than David Hasselholf: