Neat IOS Game: Framed

Who said creativity is dead. I am quite thoroughly impressed by the large selection of apps available on the IOS market. One such game is known as framed.


If you were ever a fan of the detective noir scene it certainly is worth giving Framed a look. Essentially the game is played in a comic book-esque style and you objective is to switch scenes in order to suit your goals. Each scenario has you running and hiding from guards in order to reach your goal.

FramedFramed 2

Press the play button and watch your character run through the comic-book style scene. You have to ability to switch window panes before your character reaches the next one. Keep it mind that your goal is to not get caught and use logic in order to avoid guards (Ie. placing a window that has a ladder to climb and avoid the guard in the next window).

This is a short rump through a noir world and I enjoyed every minute of it. Now excuse me while I go back and play Gabriel Knight HD :).