Ace Attorney Duel Destinies Review

ace-attorney-dual-destinies-3ds-review-1This followup is definitely no slouch.

As a long time fan of this series it is more than a pleasure to be review (IOS Version) this sequel to the last entry “Apollo Justice”. The series is known for its quirky humour and long drawn-out court battle sequences. There are adventure gaming aspects as well, but it is definitely not the strong suit of the series.

EXnBZ73(is that you Apollo?)

The story will consist of characters such as Apollo Justice, Phoenix Wright and some other old and newcomers. There are a variety of cases – some linked to each other story-wise – that will more than keep your occupied. Only 1 case I would consider to be quite weak which is quite early on in the game, but expect an uphill climb from there on. The new prosecutor does a fine job of living up the past prosecutors in the ace attorney universe which will provide you with more than a fair share of chuckles.

For newcomers to this series, getting into the story shouldn’t be too much of a hurdle. Past history of main characters are explained as you progress through the story and the main attraction of Ace Attorney is presenting evidence in order to contradict the testimonies presented by witnesses of crimes.


This is quite the jump from the previous entries in the series in terms of visual fidelity. The backgrounds have now been upgraded to 3d and the character models are quite a treat to look at. The animations are a real standout factor as it really adds much more depth to the characters this series is known for. Furthermore, you now have anime videos during cases that play every now and then with voice acting that is a bit cringe worthy, but still a nice addition nonetheless.

The gameplay is pretty much the same with the addition of some new powers by court assistant Athena Cykes. In addition to returning elements of interrogation such as psylocks and Apollo’s perceiving eye Athena brings a new technique through her widget device. This allows her to spot contradictory emotions and you as the player has to detect which emotion seems in contrast with the testimony; although,  I don’t think this is as well implemented as other techniques since I found myself guessing more often than not.


During investigation scenes you are not able to move about freely, but instead view a static background of the present area and choose either to talk to someone or examine the area (examinations only time place in crime scene locations). Examinations are in 3d this time which allows you to pan the area with your finger or stylus with arrows on the left and right-hand side of the screen to switch perspectives. The clues you gather are utilized in court to catch suspects and witnesses being dishonest  Also, did I mention the feeling of satisfaction in watching them breakdown while on the witness court stand? The responses and facial expressions are greatly heighten thanks to the new graphics engine.

Music is also well done as with past entries in the series. There will be some familiar tunes a bit remixed as well as new compositions.

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Both newcomers and returning fans of the series should not be disappointed with this entry with hours of enjoyable dialogue and humour. Here is hoping Capcom will continue to release these games to the west. Ace Attorney Duel Destinies is available for Nintendo 3DS and IOS platforms.


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