Another Code

The Nintendo DS allowed developers to bring interesting and unique games to the market such as Another Code (Trace Memory in North America). This  game was developed by a now defunct company known as Cing.



You play as a young girl named Ashley who has had quite a troublesome past as she witnessed the murder of her own mother at a very young age. Her parents are also scientists who were working on a secret project known as Another. Ashley is travelling to Edward island in order to find her lost father and seek out the truth behind all her memories.


Another code is a very simplistic adventure game in nature and has a few gimmicky touch-based puzzles since this is an early DS title, but this can all be put aside as the story and characters is what will truly captivate you. You control Ashley by touch screen or d-pad and navigate the terrain. The static background screen will change on the top screen once you arrive in a different area or part of a room to explore. The majority of the game will take place in an old castle with narrow hallways and rooms to explore, but earlier on will have you exploring outside for a brief portion. You will meet a companion along the way that will add more depth to the story and will assist you in solving the mystery of Edward Island the history of the family which lived on this land.

It is important to explore every area thoroughly and some puzzles will make clever use of the dual-screen component of the DS. Some aspects of the game later on my require you to backtrack a bit but it shouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience as you may even find side-items you missed before


The soundtrack in Another Code is very impressive as each track seems to suit the mood of the area very well. No voice acting or orchestra tracks are to be found here instead simple text dialog boxes and synthesized music will accompany the journey and – to be perfectly honest – I wouldn’t have it any other way.


This adventure overall will last you 6-7 hours depending on how fast you choose to progress and if you are a fan of the genre this should more than satisfy.


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