A quick journey through a fairly interesting title.


The initial concept of this game is about being trapped on a boat with no recollection of how or why you are there. As you progress you will come across people are in the same predicament as you and come to the realization that they are all involved in a game known as the “nonary game.” Each character has his or her own unique personality and it is up to you to work together as a team in order to escape the boat and find out who did this.

999 is an adventure game or visual novel as some would state. It in involves a lot of reading since there is plenty of text and a few interactive places here and there. Scenes involving interaction are pretty basic point and click that involve puzzles as well. Items can be collected and combined in order to solve certain puzzles and allow you to progress with the story.


While the game itself is fairly short it has multiple endings that can be uncovered. Certain endings must be unlocked in order to get what is known as the ‘true’ ending. While the story is interesting in itself I did find the multiple endings to be poorly implemented since it requires playing through the game over and over again. There is the option to skip text, but it still feels more like a hassle to do so. New rooms can be uncovered with each play through, but it will require going through rooms you have explored before.


Overall if you have to patience to replay multiple times then this is worth checking out. The Nintendo DS version has puzzles while the IOS version apparently omits these game mechanics so this should be kept in mind as well.


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