Sailors’ Dream


intriguing, yet, somewhat shallow adventure


Here is a title developed by Simogo for IOS and Google Play devices. it is pretty much a short romp through locations on different islands. You don’t have the ability to sail (sadly) as you just select different locations by sliding your finger across the main screen. Each location is quite atmospheric and allows you to manipulate objects on-screen – for no real purpose. Each location consists of only a handful on screens to swipe over before finishing with a closing text.


The story slowly unfolds as you explore each location and read notes about certain items as you progress. Usually when you are on a screen with an important item you are given the option to swipe in a certain direction to read more about the object in question.

As you progress, you will learn more about an event that occurred around these islands and slowly piece the story together. Later locations will  depend on the exact time you are playing, which you can manipulate yourself by adjusting the system clock on your device.


divider (1)

All in all, if you have absolutely nothing else to do then it may be worth playing just for the quick experience. Expect this title to be beaten in an hour or 2.


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