Return of King’s Quest

I couldn’t help but be awestruck by the new King’s Quest trailer posted on Adventure Gamers.

Kings Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone tomorrow was one of the first adventure games I played growing up and it happened to be the best in the series. The 6th entry being designed by both Roberta and Jane Jensen is probably one of the reasons.


A nice mix of fantasy and adventure. Kings Quest VI had a nice love story with nice writing and humour to go along with it all; It was a game perfect for all ages.  This is a title deserving of a modern-day update with hopefully the same voice cast if possible – there may be licensing issues here.


Now watching the new trailer for the modern-day Kings Quest I can’t help but sense the same level of adventure and fantasy. The trailer was shown off with Roberta and Ken Williams on stage at the video game awards. They received a lifetime achievement award which is quite deserving. If you have nothing better to do it wouldn’t hurt to watch a few clips on youtube.

The Game Awards.


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