Retro Gaming – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhatten Project


Turtle Power


The third entry in the Ninja Turtle library for the NES developed by Konami and released in Japan in 1991 and 2 months later in 1992 for North America. Unlike the previous two entries which had their own respective arcade versions this one was developed solely for the Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System.


While on vacation the turtles find themselves relaxing on a sunny beach and watching the news who their friend April O’Neil is shown reporting when suddenly her broadcast becomes hijacked. April finds herself kidnapped by the turtles arch nemesis ‘Shredder’ who states that he has turned Manhattan into a floating island and if they want things back to normal including the return of their friend they must follow him to his lair.



Borrowing elements from the previous two games you have your standard jump and attack mechanic with a few additions. Walking down or simply executing a downward movement along with the attack button will allow you to scoop up your opponent and – more often than not – provide an instant kill.


To perform special moves which each character possess the attack and jump button must be pressed one after the other in a quick fashion. Simply mashing the two will not produce the desired outcome instead the jump button must be pressed right after attack button in a timly manner. Your health bar will deplete by one block every time a special attack is executed so it is wise to use it sparingly.

The levels vary quite a bit which provides quite a satisfying experience throughout. Initial level starts off on a beach and later on you will find yourself fighting on a rooftop with neon-lit signs in the midst of night.

2 player co-op is also at your disposable once again for good old fashion beat-em up action with family or friends. You each will have 3 lives to start with and the ability to continue right in the middle of action if one player ends up dying.


Sporting a very similar look to the prior entry other than the healthbar which hasmoved to the botton; what you have is essentially a decent looking NES title. Character sprites should also be no stranger as they look exactly like before. No major graphical enhancements here, just nice level design and a grsphic design philosophy which seems to state ‘if it is not broken don’t fix it’.



A delightful soundtrack throughout utilizing the NES sound chip to it’s best. For chiptune enthusiasts you may find yourself simply sitting back and listening to the music on-screen while your character remains idle. Sound-effects are also well done with some reused assets from the prior game.



Simply good old fashion beat-em up fun and a sequel that has certainly lived up the past game and may even have surpassed it with the added game mechanics. Whether or not you are a fan of Ninja Turtles there is much to be enjoyed in this classic title.

Platform(s): NES


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