The Wolf Among Us: Chapter 1


From the creators of “The Walking Dead” adventure series comes a new adventure with noir-like atmosphere.

The game starts off with you playing as a character known as Bigby Wolf who is the sheriff in a section of Manhatten known as “Fabletown” and intervenes in a scuffle that occurs in an apartment. From here, the player is engaged in a QTE session as you brawl with a hostile assailant.

For anyone familiar with “The Walking Dead” or Sony’s Heavy Rain interactive game will feel right at home here. The on-screen prompts that occur during an action scene include moving in certain directions such as left, right, up, and down to dodge incoming attacks. There will be times where you will have to move your cursor over a certain section of the screen to execute certain actions such as clicking on a nearby wall to shove your opponent into. Essentially you can dictate how the action occurs to a certain extent.


There are investigation scenes as well which will have you hovering over certain objects in order to examine of pick them up. These scenes usually take place in a confined area that utilize a fixed camera angle similar to “Heavy Rain.” Character interactions that will take place will allow the player to select certain dialogue in order to move the story forward. Certain dialogue choices will have an impact on how the story proceeds.

Graphically this title is quite stunning to look at. The comic book style look with a detailed colour pallet help the noir atmosphere really stand out.

The voice work is also exceptionally done as the main characters all seem to produce proper acting for role they are portraying for their character. The ambient music that plays throughout investigations help set the mood for each scene as well.

divider-12Chapter 1 gives an interesting insight into the world and characters in fictional “Fabletown”.  Although, there are still many questions and characters to be further developed. I look forward to playing the upcoming chapters as this chapter has more than captivated my attention.


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