Code Realize


                 Standard take on the Arsene Lupin Universedivider
Code Realize is a visual-novel project by Aksys Games of the Otome genre. Otome primarily has a romance theme to its storyline and here we have a female protagonist named Cardia who comes from royalty.


Cardia learns she has poison thoughout her body and the gem in her chest seems to have the story behind all this. Eventually ends up in the company of Arsene Lupin (the gentleman thief) and his associates whom decide to help her solve the mystery of her gem and the story behind her father. For those unfamiliar with the Arsene Lupin he is known to be stealthy as he steals from high security facilities with a London setting and has a bit of a romantic charm to his persona as well.

The real differential here for Arsene is that this all takes place in a steam punk universe. Expect to see flying machines and industrialized steam-powered towns in your journey. Herlock Sholmes will also make an appearance (Yes, Herlock Sholmes aka Sherlock Holmes who was renamed due to copyright issues with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character in the original books).

Furthermore, the story in general is a pretty standard fare with nothing really compelling really taking place and for a game labeled as ‘Otome’ the romance aspect does not really occur until much later.There are multiple endings as well so saving before story decisions is a wise course of action. Further character development on Arsene’s friends like Impey who seems quite head over heels for Cardia would have been welcome. Action scenes which occur also make you wish this had an action game element to it as well.



This is your standard visual-novel fare as you simply press a button to read the next line of text with certain words highlighted allowing you to read more in-depth on a certain words. Once in a while you will come to story decisions you must make and certain choices will affect the outcome of the story.


Art in this game is quite well done. Lovely backdrops of fictional steam punk London. Nice interior design of buildings as well. Characters are designed in a type anime aesthetic with an impressive sense of fashion.



Music is very few in this title with primarily generic music which sound decent in the beginning but may wear thin on you after a few hours. The opening theme songs deserves an admirable mention as well.



Code Realize is not very long but is a decent length of around 10-15 hours depending on how many endings you want to get and if you want the true ending path. Overall the experience is average at best with not much in the romance area, but for someone not well-versed in Arsene Lupin this may be an interesting introduction into that character and universe.

Platform(s): Playstation Vita


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