The Room Three


Third time is most definitely the charm


Here we have the sequel to the critically acclaimed title ‘The Room Two’ by Fireproof Games. These games have been essentially a series of never-ending enjoyable puzzles. If puzzle-solving is not your thing then this may not be for you. Fireproof games have taken what was established in the prior two titles and built upon it substantially by linking multiple rooms together for the sake of solving intricate puzzles


Story is pretty much non-existent as this is based on moving around a labyrinth and solving puzzles to progress further. The main aspect of this game seems to be escaping this labyrinth.



As with the previous entries this game is completely touch-based and you double-tap to move forward and reverse-pincer the screen to move back. Do not worry about ever getting stuck since there are hints that will appear after a certain amount of time has progressed. The option to turn off these notifications is ready at your disposable as well for the true adventurous types.

If you thought the previous games were puzzle filled this one will blow your mind. There are plenty of well-crafted puzzles to enjoy here. Puzzles will vary in difficulty with some solvable through basic trial and error. There is quite a bit of eye candy as you will observe animations play before you as you solve a puzzle or two.

At your disposable is once again is a lens which can be utilized on and off at your discretion. Certain hints and puzzles cannot be solved without wearing it and observing the new details available.


This is a long game with over 6 chapters at your disposal. After clearing the game you will have the option to replay certain sections in order to unlock new endings.


What you have here is quite a clean and polished looking title with no overly noticeable bits of slowdown throughout. The visual eye candy only adds to the mystique and bizarre atmosphere of the labyrinth.



Nothing truly musical yet the ambiance of the sound present does the job to set the mood of the mystery and wonder.


This is a title I truly enjoyed all the way through and Fireproof Games deserves many accolades with this showing as they really hit this one out of the park. Take the essential building blocks of their previous entries and combine it into a more open-ended experience. This is highly recommended for any fan of puzzle adventures.

Here is hoping that one day all 3 will be released on the Steam(PC) platform for a larger audience to enjoy.

Platform(s): IOS


One thought on “The Room Three

  1. I am so looking forwrd to this!! Unfortunately the game and my android tablet are incompatible, not sure why (not enough ram perhaps). The devs say they are working out bugs. We’ll see.

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