Dance Macabre: Crimson Cabaret


Intriguing art style with an interesting premise



Here comes another casual point and click adventure title. This title is by Eipix and published by Big Fish games. Venturing forth in this world will put you on a European excursion in France where a murder has taken place.

Danse Macabre Moulin Rouge CE Magnoliajuegos3



The story revolves around a dancer named Sophie who works at the La Parisienne Theatre. She has been tragically murdered and her artistic friend Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec has come to help solve the mystery.

There is a mysterious figure wearing a mask that has been periodically seen throughout Paris and it is your job to track down this individual and uncover clues along the way.



The gameplay is your quintessential point and click fare which involves acquiring items and using them where most relevant. You have a guide you may look at if you are stuck, as well as a journal and a character profile which is updated as you progress.

The Hops (Hidden Object Puzzle) aspect of this game is what really stands apart from the others. The game doesn’t essentially force you to match or find objects as this can be bypassed by simply clicking a jewel icon on the bottom left in order to play a matching jewel mini-game. This can be a relief for people with lack of patience or simply cant be bothered with HOP sections.

The main puzzles in this game are both simple and intuitive which should not leave too many gamers frustrated and scratching their heads.




The art is probably the main draw for this title as the backdrops are simply gorgeous to look at. Each hand drawn seen will have you mesmerized with its interesting use of colour tones. There are a few animated scenes to view as well.


The sound and music in this title are quite suitable, although nothing particularly memorable from this score.



We have a neat point & click title that will take you on a journey to Paris as well as enlighten you on the arts as the main protagonist is based on the famous artist Henri de Toulouse.

















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