Technobabylon Review

Technobabylon-ReviewCyberpunk Bliss


Technobabylon is a project by Technocrat & Wadjet Eye Games – known for the Blackwell series. The setting takes place in a cyberpunk future where genetic engineering is the norm. The story will start off from the perspective of one of the female protagonists.



The story will start off in the apartment of Latha Sesame – a young girl who spends most of her time in Trance (futuristic VR internet) and finds herself trapped in her current apartment. After this initial scene you will be transported back in time a bit introducing new characters such as Charlie Regis and Max Leo who work for an organization known as Cell (A police organization). The story will then unfold leading up to the beginning scene and explain the backstory behind the characters and setting. The story can become quite emotional at times as well as a bit inhumane – adulterated is the word here.

The strong point in this adventure is definitely the story and the writing which lead to quite an immersive cyperpunk experience. The emotional connections between characters and the twists will keep you playing until the end.



The gameplay consists of the basic point and click aspects such as left click to interact and right click to examine. My only real gripe with the gameplay in this department is the amount of pixel hunting and no hotkey to display clickable objects. Also, the walking animations are a tad slow which would have benefited from a jog or run animation. Death situations do become present later on, but fret not as there is a quick re-spawn effect to play over these scenes without the need to reload your last save.

Interacting with terminals (futuristic phones) and checking e-mails will be key to advancing in this game. Puzzle scenes are quite well thought out – for the most part, but don’t be ashamed if you find yourself checking a guide online later on as some solutions can be quite head scratching.

The other major feature in this game is trance. Essentially, entering into a virtual VR world by establishing connections with terminals using wetware. In trance, you will be able to meet people currently connected through the hub and find out new information and how to exploit certain areas (really makes you wonder about the future).



The graphics are not high-end HD sprites as you will see in most modern adventures – instead we have an old school 8-bit pixel art adventure which is either a budget or stylistic choice. For the most part is does a decent job of conveying the world.


Atmospheric ambient tracks are quite a delight to listen to as you progress throughout the game. A few generic tracks can be heard here and there, but overall the music is definitely done right. The voice work as well is very well done with plenty of extras that can be heard by placing random phone calls [There was an added incentive for people to pledge money toward this project and have their voices inputted].

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I can go on and on about the praise I have for this adventure which left me wanting to traverse this world more. If you are in the mood or a cyperpunk adventure or new to this genre this will be a great entry point.

Platforms: PC


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