Dana Knightstone: Death at Cape Porto

featuredbanner_lsit4_ce1Another adventure with Dana Knightstone.

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Here we have another adventure with Dana Knightstone in another romantic European location. This time we see Dana Knightstone upon a story involving a murder mystery in Portugal. You will soon discover that you now have the ability to also interact with ghosts.



The one aspect that hasn’t changed much this time around is the gameplay itself. Besides the obvious point and click aspect with the ready availble hint system, the actual puzzles that involve matching don’t really bring anything new to the table. During matching sequences there are instances where you are still required to move objects or fulfill certain tasks such as using a key on a lock before you can select it, which is a nice addition from the last adventure, but you wont really see nothing more than that.. Puzzles are still quite varied and will leave you scratching your head at times; yet, there is always the valuable hint and skip puzzle system readily available.



The story this time around is not as spectacular as it could have used a bit more character development, but is worth traversing if you are a fan of the past few games. The locations you will encounter are quite breathtaking including the Victorian decor throughout homes. As always, you can revert to your notebook if you feel there are certain elements of the story which are not quite clear to you.

You are once again graced with an epilogue after you complete the main story (collectors edition) which is always a nice touch and adds a bit more playtime as well.


Once again you are complemented with a lovely score as your traverse the romantic locals and all the usual sound effects from the past games are here.



Not much to be said in this department as you are once again treated with lovely art backdrops of the European setting. The vivid colours truly bring the series to life.

Divider (1)Conclusion

Dana Knightstone remains one of the few casual adventures I play and the European setting along with the romantic mystery stories involved in past time periods is enough to keep me interested. The story could have been more fleshed out but that should not be enough to curtail anymore from giving this adventure a go.

Platforms: IOS & PC


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