Update – Shenmue III & more

Final day for the long awaited Shenmue Sequel on Kickstarter:

photo-originalOnly a 200k away from beating IGA’s  Bloodstained (Castlevania spiritual successor) record for highest video game on Kickstarter

  Shenmue Kickstarter

The original Shenmue games were quite a unique beast on their own. Going into Shenmue you really don’t know what to expect. Is it a fighting game? Is it an RPG? While it does consist of these elements Shenmue was much more than that. It was labeled by the development team as FREE (Fully Reactive Eyes Entertainment).

Shenmue should be seen as a life simulator. You go in the world of Shenmue feeling an intense level of immersion unlike any game you have experience before. The ability to open drawers and look at objects within may seem useless but this level of attention to detail only adds to the level of immersion; the feeling of actually being in Japan amongst an entirely different culture. One might say this is like a window into Asia. The first two Shenmue games have been a big influence on my life as I play each title at least once a year. With each play through of Shenmue encountering new events not seen before only adds to the replay value.

The key is to go into the Shenmue games with the expectation of playing a real life simulator. Seeing people go to work and back and commute to different locations throughout the day. As well as seeing the changing of the weather and people taking out their umbrellas during the rain. These are the factors that make Shenmue special. These were revolutionary games for its time and still feelings quite distinct from most modern games today. Both of these titles can be played on a Sega Dreamcast and the second game is also on Xbox.

Here is hoping to see some HD remasters some day.

Please back now if you can!

Review for Her Story coming tomorrow!


You will be in for a real treat with this unique game.

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