Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishment (Released)

As a fan of the Sherlock Holmes character by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle I am more than inclined to play through this title. The last title by Frogwares known as testament of Sherlock Holmes had its flaws but it contained enough Sherlock Holmes and detective elements to keep me interested


Once I finish with Ace Attorney I will most likely play through this on the PS3 since don’t plan on getting a PS4 anytime soon.

Quite a few titles to look forward to such as Gabriel Knight 1 Remake, and Shinji Mikami’s :The Evil Within”. For those who are unaware of this developer he was the man responsible for most of the Resident Evil titles prior to Resident Evil 5.

I still have to play Tim Schafer’s Broken Age just waiting for all acts to be released on the App store. I would prefer to play on the Retina screen of the Ipad.


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