The Room Two


Just as good as the first.


I will make this review pretty brief as this game is quite similar to the first. Once again you  are placed in a room where you must solve a series of puzzles. This time around the puzzles are based in entirely different rooms each with their own theme.


The lens makes a return which you will once again use to find hidden secrets and messages. Unlike the first title there is more than one area of focus this time around. There can be 3 or 4 different tables or objects in a room for you to explore. In order to solve a puzzle on one object you may need to acquire a key or another item from another table – a nice change of pace from the first.

Sound effects are pretty much an exact replica from the first title so expect no improvements in that department. No voice acting as story is not really the central focus of these games.


This title is roughly the same length as the first so you can expect to plow through this one in 4-5 hours. It is best to savour every moment until the 3rd game is inevitably released. Good job to the developers at Fireproof.



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