Broken Sword 5

Continuation from:

Does part 2 live up to the first?


Brief Summary

Part 2 was released awhile back and based on the first half alone I would say we had a keeper. Part 2 continues where our protagonists left off in the investigation of La Malediccio (a painting) and its ties with the Gnostics. Your travels this chapter will lead you through mansions, caves and other neat locals.

The puzzles are there in this half as well, which may fall a bit on the tricky side at times – of course the hint system as always is at your disposal. Perhaps certain puzzles were a bit overused such as ones involving goats.

Without spoiling anything the ending felt quite cliche and uninteresting.




Based on Part 1 and 2 I would say part one was more enjoyable with part 2 being a bit weaker but as a whole I would say this game was worth it. Image

The overall story is pretty average when compared to prior titles in this series. As always there is a certain chemistry between Nico and George which adds to the overall charm, but the antagonists felt largely uninteresting and certain minor characters could have been developed more. This truly has the feel of a Broken Sword game but still does not live up to the original.


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