The Room


Short, elegant and to the point.


I went into this not knowing exactly what to expect. Is this another escape game or an adventure? As it turns out the game is essentially a puzzle within a puzzle.

You are thrown into a room with an object before you. A tutorial explains the basics of the gameplay and how to go about solving each dilemma. The object is mysterious box which is locked with not just one lock but multiple locks. In order to unlock the locks and progress further you must essentially – you guessed it – solve puzzles. There are a variety of puzzles to be found in this title and they are all very well done.


There are certain items which you will acquire early on that are quite vital for completion of some puzzles. The special lens which is reminiscent to he lens of truth from Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of them. This special lens will allow you to see certain words or symbols along the object as you figure out how to solve certain puzzles.

Furthermore, there are notes to be read and gadgets and gears to be moved throughout the game. Sometimes you will find they involve panning the camera around in order to see special symbols. Once you unlock all the locks the level is complete and you move onto the next section which is another puzzle inside the box (what will they think of next?).

The music is quite atmospheric and fits the vibe of the game well. Don’t expect much variety or any orchestration as this is a very short title.



The average player may finish this in only a few hours but with the sequel out and about I’m sure their cravings will be more than satisfied when purchasing the sequel. Expect a review on the sequel sometime in the near future. For now, make sure you give the room on IOS a go.



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