Death Under Tuscan Skies – A Dana Knightstone Novel


Excellent sequel to Death at Fairing Point


Boomzap Entertainment released Dana Knightstone – Death and Fairing Point back in December 2010 and exceeded the standards of a casual hidden-object adventure. Death under Tuscan Skies follows this trend with even more clever puzzles and a mystery to solve.

Dana Knightstone is a fiction writer and this time around she finds herself in Italy where she meets a mysterious Ghost at a university. This Ghost – named Eva – died of a mysterious illness which her lover Giovanni attempted to find a cure for. Unfortunately there was no closure to this story as to why Giovanni never returned so it is up to Dana to investigate. screen3

The locations you will traverse are quite plentiful. You will take a journey through mansions and gardens and other locations throughout Italy. The architecture of Italy is wonderfully represented by the crisp art backdrops of this title. Voiced cut-scenes from the previous game make a return as well to help with the immersion of the experience.

The gameplay is pretty much the same puzzles, hidden-object and mixing and matching items. What makes this title standout from the standard hidden-object games is that they are pretty much an afterthought. The puzzles easily take emphasis over the tedious searching for hidden objects. The puzzles can even be more challenging than the previous adventure but never too much to really make you scream out in terror. Once again you may skip puzzles if you do not feel like spending too much time on a brain-teaser.



The musical score for this title is fantastic; perfectly setting the mood for each location. Music from each location will be available as bonus content once you complete your adventure.

Achievements also make a return for those hardcore gaming enthusiasts. If you wish to earn them all it is best to stay clear from the skip puzzle button.


It took me around 8 hours to complete this adventure which was more than satisfying. Unfortunately – like most adventures there is not much to do in terms of replay value unless you wish to earn all those achievements.

Looking forward to the next adventure for Dana-Knightstone – Well-done Boomzap entertainment.


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