Megaman Powered Up



Once in a while there comes along a remake which does a good job of preserving the original.


Capcom decided to deliver some compelling titles to the PSP and Megaman Powered up is no exception. Certain remakes or HD remasters try hard to preserve the original as best they can, but sometimes little things here and there can keep it from truly keeping the charm of the original. Megaman Powered up decides to go above and beyond and adds quite a nice visual overhaul to the original Megaman title which was released back in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

The player has the option of playing “New Style” or “Old Style”. New style consists of updated presentation and takes up the entire PSP screen while old Style retains the original music and 4:3 presentation. Although with old style you will still be playing through with the updated graphics. For avid Megaman fans the gameplay concept should be fairly familiar as you play as Megaman and have to defeat bosses and gain new powers which can help you defeat certain bosses (Ie. fire being strong against oil).



Newcomers to the series will adapt to the concept fairly quickly. As the mechanics are quite simple consisting of shooting and jumping. The challenge involves avoiding spikes along the way as you progress towards the boss. Certain powers you gain through defeating bosses can surely be a valuable asset as well.

The visuals Capcom has added to this game are breathtaking. Each sprite and level looks like it is taken straight out of a storybook. The bright and colourful layout along with fluid animation make a real treat for the eye. There are added voiced cut scenes as well to further add to the charm.

The music is also very well done as it is remixed in the mode “New Style” and does a commendable job of keeping the vibe of the NES synthesized tracks. The voice acting is decent, but not exactly the best as the voice for Mega Man may seem a bit too childish for some.


There are further extras as well such as being able to play through with bosses and challenges for further  hours of entertainment.


Overall Kenji Inafune and has team did a great job with the remake for PSP. A shame there was never a Powered Up sequel but there is always hope.


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