Doors & Rooms 2


A well-crafted escape game filled with a great collection of puzzles for hours of entertainment.


The escape genre has been somewhat new to me and it just so happened that I have stumbled upon this game in the IOS store. Available for both IOS and Android operating systems this is a game that will surely help you pass the time either at home or on your daily commute. This is the sequel to their first hit “Doors & Rooms” which I decided to skip simply because it felt archaic compared to this newer sequel. Let that not dissuade anyone from attempting to try the first game. The first game just doesn’t have the visual flair and the music which helps set the mood like this sequel.


What Doors & Rooms 2 brings to the table is a series of levels set forth in different rooms which you must find a way to escape from. The door that you must escape through will either be locked electronically or by a standard lock. Initially the game will provide you with tutorials which can be played or skipped, but it can be as simple as locating a hidden key in the room by tapping certain locations on the screen or solving a quick numerical puzzle to open up a chest or box.

Each level will consist of an optional quiz to solve and an optional bonus star to find. Each of these tasks can reward the player with extra money or rubys after the level is completed. The gameplay mechanics are fairly simple as they involve finding certain objects in the room and disassembling it or combining it with another object that can be utilized as a tool in order to progress further.

Puzzles can range from fairly simple to constant head-scratchers further along. You will have to utilize all your puzzle knowhow in order to progress with the option of using in-game currency for hints. Everything from usage of art to science and mixing colours can be found in this game.



Soothing music played during stages helps set the mood as you constantly wonder where to tap and place an object next. There may not be a large variety of tunes in the game but it does a good job without feeling distracting or tedious.

2 Chapter are initially offered with around 30+ levels to complete  and apparently more to come. There is hours of entertainment to be found here.



Completion of this game will vary by individual as some rooms can take close to an hour to finish but with the promise of more levels to come there is quite a bit of replay value to be found here. All smart phone and tablet users should surely give this one a go.


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