Stroke of Midnight


An average romp through a casual adventure.


Perhaps it was the name Namco or my fascination towards the Victoria era which has drawn me towards this game, nonetheless, it was a fairly interesting venture.

The game revolves around a writer who is in search of inspiration. Her instincts lead her to a castle Transylvania in search of a past tale. The tale in question is a typical love story gone wrong.



The gameplay is fairly straight forward – as this is a casual adventure. Perhaps it is a bit too formulaic for its own good. The find an object mechanic gets a bit repetitive pretty quickly – especially near the end, but the fact that there are hints to finding an object if you lose patience is a pleasant bonus.

There will be a bit of pixel-hunting to do which may seem daunting at times due to certain items blending in with the background. Puzzles are varied and plenty, but nothing that will have you scratching your head over except for maybe 1 or 2.

The music is rather simplistic and voiced dialogue only occurs during cut scenes in-between certain sections of the game.




A rather short adventure that can be completed in 1 sitting and with no replay value in sight. Also, the story being pretty quintessential and with repetitious object finding throughout this adventure you may find this game to be pretty forgettable.


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