Death and Fairing Point – A Dana Knightstone Novel

A wonderful casual adventure that should not be missed.


Usually I do not play casual adventures since they primarily consist of overly simplified tasks such as finding hidden objects and such, but this adventure contains more than the average casual adventure. I must insist on playing the IOS version as it seems to add a whole other depth to the adventure genre. Playing adventure games on a tablet feels much more natural when searching of objects on the screen via touch instead of point and click , nevertheless, there are editions on PC and Mac which should be just as good as well.

The story overall has you playing as a writer named ‘Dana’ who happens to come across a murder. The story takes place in Scotland where she went on vacation. It is your duty to unravel the mystery of, which is a simple yet interesting love story. Initially, you will start off in a mansion where you will be searching for clues and coming across ghosts of the deceased. Expect a simple yet classic love story.


This mansion as well as later on locations are filled with mystery and intrigue. There are hidden objects to locate at times – as this is a casual adventure – so expect to have a sharp eye out. Playing via a tablet allows you to location items much quicker as you will find yourself tapping away subconsciously at times and locating items you were not able to see. Fret not, this title also has more than its share amount of puzzles, which are not too frustrating so don’t worry about losing any hair. If you ever do get stuck you are able to skip the puzzle after a set period of time.

There is dialogue to read, but not too much and there are voiced cutscenes in-between chapters to further progress the story. If you ever find yourself stuck during the journey there is a diary at hand where you can look through for past clues. If not, do not feel ashamed to make use of the hint button.

The music is well-suited for this type of game as it uses beautifully composed background music as you progress through the lovely pre-rendered backdrops of the game.



This game will take around 6 hours to completion, but by the end you will either be exhausted by all the puzzles or craving for more storyline, but worry not , as there is bonus content available. There are further games in this series, which I will definitely be taking a look into.


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