Ghost Trick


A hit or miss?—————————————————————————————————————————–

Here is a game developed by famed designer of the Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney series ‘Shu Takumi.’ Available for both the NDS and IOS market offers a surprisingly pleasant experience.

The game starts off with you playing as a ghost of a man named Sissel. You are on an adventure to find out who you are – so to speak. You learn how to manipulate objects with your ghost tricks in order to achieve certain objectives. The entire game revolves around moving from 1 object to the next in a spirit-like form. The real challenge revolves around reversing the fate of characters.

20100930_DS_Ghost Trick Phantom Detective_07image_008

Murder seems to be the main theme in this adventure, which is quite reminiscent of the Phoenix Wright series. Certain characters die as you progress throughout the game and it is your job to go back in time and change their fate. This challenge will not only involve reversing their fate once, but perhaps even twice because there is always an opportunity that a character may still encounter a death experience. 

Areas in this game can be travelled by way of telephone lines. As you have the ability to traverse them as other characters and interacting over the phone and unlock near areas in the process. Many areas can be accessed again so don’t fret if you feel you missed an important dialogue piece.


The music in this game is quite charming with a jazzy upbeat soundtrack. The characters are not voiced with the exception of some humming here and there. Sound-effects are quite simple and to the point with eccentric sounds for character actions.

The puzzles in this game can vary from simple to challenging, but in a good way. The puzzles never feel forced or too difficult to solve. The main driving aspect of this title is figuring out how to reverse fate by solving puzzles with objects in the room.

The story is quite deep but may be a bit confusing for some. The characters – on the other hand – are quite charming and all possess unique personalities. Every character plays a very important role in this adventure and may even assist you in your puzzle solving at some point.


Overall this adventure can easily take up to 7-8 hours to complete with little to no replay value. If you are in the moon for a Shu Takumi adventure this one should not be missed. I would not rank it up there with the Ace Attorney series , but this is a worthy contender.


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