Once in a while there comes along a game that really breaks free from the gaming norm.



This review consists of the IOS version which was just released on the marketplace. From the very offset you are thrown into a beautiful world with hand drawn oriental aesthetics. What truly shines about this title is the simplistic use of folding in order to progress throughout your adventure.

The initial tutorial is short and straight to the point. You don’t have to worry about spending 15 mins or more in a tutorial at the beginning  as the game mechanics are very simplistic. Double tap on the screen and your character will follow. On screen prompts will occasionally display letting you know when you swipe across the screen either to move an object or move to the next screen.


This title has no antagonists or a storyline as you are simply venturing through the world and solving puzzles in order to progress. This is mainly a puzzle-centric adventure which will test your wits near the end. As this is an IOS title – soon to be available on PC – it is quite short. You can expect to beat it only a few hours if you are really good at solving the puzzles. The sheer aesthetics of Tengami will keep you playing all they way through as it is quite charming.

The music is composed by David Wise who is known for in-game music such as Battletoads, Donkey Kong, and   Wizards and Warriors (one of my favourite NES games). The music is quite tranquil and truly compliments the aesthetics throughout. Japanese influence is  displayed through the art and the meditative music. Don’t expect any voice acting as there are only sound effects and music.



This would be the very definition of “short, yet sweet.” I encourage everyone who has the slightest interest in Asian culture and adventure games to give this one a try. For the price you pay you will get a unique title that really stands out from the rest of the IOS market. Also, if you choose to you may wait for the PC and MAC versions instead.


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