Tech: Ipad Mini Retina

Just to do something a bit different I thought it time to add a technology section to this blog.

First contender is a brief review on the Ipad Mini 2.




The Ipad Mini 2 is coming in to the market with a much updated screen and processor. Now with a Retina display – a proprietary Apple screen – colours look as sharp as ever.

The display has a resolution of 2048×1536 along with a ppi of 326. Apps look as sharp as ever on this display. Gaming – designed for this resolution – show up crisp and clear as it should. This is not to say that using lower res apps are bad, but it clearly does not do the screen justice. The only downside is the slightly muted colour gamut compared to the other larger Ipad Retina devices which most won’t even be aware of unless displayed side by side.

This being the first tablet and IOS device I have owned I must say I am thoroughly impressed. This is clearly a marvel of modern technology. The OS is fast and smooth as I have yet to encounter and lag or significant crashes.

The GUI interface is quite user-friendly and shouldn’t take too much time to adapt for newcomers to IOS. It utilizes the same gestures as on a regular Mac OSX display and works just as well on a tablet.

Ghost Trick

The speakers also give a surprisingly decent sound output for a device of this side. True audio enthusiasts will want to make use of the headphone jack to properly appreciate the sound quality though.

The device itself it quite comfortable to hold albeit a bit big for holding in 1 hand – that is quite a minute complaint as it does not hinder from the overall experience much.

divider (1)

Overall if you are in the market for a tablet either for the purpose or gaming or reading or all of the above you will be more that satisfied to pay the premium price for this one.


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