Broken Sword 5: Episode 1


The sequel to Broken Sword 4 has been long-awaited and series creator “Charles Cecil” was able to quench the thirst of fans with the 5th entry thanks to kickstarter.



The series has been known for serial killers and a nice blend of history. The protagonists – George and Nico – always seemed to end up intertwined in all this. The first and 2nd Broken Sword games were classic 2D point and click adventures. The 3rd and 4th turned to a more three-dimensional approach which did not entirely appeal to all fans even though they were decent entries. The 5th instalment is reverting back to its 2D roots and hopes to relive the magic as well. To an extent, I would say it is on the right track


The adventure starts off with a robbery which takes place in an art gallery and once again George is caught up in the mix leading to a grand adventure. New characters are introduced early on and don’t be surprised if you spot some familiar faces as well. It seems George and Nico always end up solving a mystery together.

The clues you must gather will be in the classic point and click sense where you point and click in order to pick up or examine objects or speak to characters. If you ever feel at a loss of what to do next there is a built-in hint system to take advantage of at your leisure. The puzzles were not too challenging except one so hopefully the average player won’t feel inclined to abuse that system too much.


The graphics are quite pretty to look at as it uses a nice 2D cell-shading technique. Characters and background all look nice and vibrant as you progress through each scene.

The voice acting is quite good and would say it is on par with the previous entries in the series. Each character in the game have unique accents which help portray their mood and character. The music is also top-notch which is more than welcome.


So does this title live up to the praise that this is a return to form. Based on just episode 1 alone I would say it is not quite as brilliant as the first game but this is definitely on the right track. The Broken Sword team have definitely made the right decision to return to 2D and this first half will definitely wet your appetite for the final episode to come. The humour and mystery – which is a staple of the series – is all there which is also a good sign.


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