Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

ImageA simple tale of two brothers who utilize cooperative tactics in a unique to venture throughout the land.


One way to describe this game is simple and unique; perhaps, the soul mate of Ico? The game Ico which was released on the PS2 and later re-released as a remaster for the PS3. The game revolved around venturing through temples and lands alone and solving puzzles along the way. A Tale of Two Sons seems to take this a step further. The addition of a second character allows puzzles to be more intricate in design. You must not only focus on one character but two instead.


The player is in control of each character – which I recommend be played with a controller – using joysticks. This can feel a bit jarring in the beginning since controlling two characters on screen at once can feel a bit confusing depending on the location of each character, but soon enough you will be absorbed into the world and focusing on how to progress each obstacle. This is where the game truly shines as the puzzles the developers came up with using this 2 person mechanic are quite creative.

The world that was created is interesting with a variety of level designs ranging from mountains to caves and more. Creatures will play a role as well in helping or stopping you from progressing on your journey. It is up the player to decipher how to make use of them.

The music is decent throughout and the voice work which consist of ‘gibberish,’ for lack of a better wording, helps evoke the feel of a foreign civilization. Through the body language of the characters alone it is quite easy to comprehend the emotions and intentions of the characters.



Emotion is a strong driving point in this adventure as you can only experience through playing yourself. Surprisingly, this is a single player adventure and is quite short. It can be completed in a few hours, but the experience should captivate the player until the very end. For a modern adventure game I must say this title was very well done and should not be missed.


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