Tex Murphy: The Pandora Directive


The 5th entry to this detective series sprouts forth a string of new characters and locations to explore.


This time around you are investigating a murder of a man named Thomas Malloy. This is only the first plot in what turns out to be part of a much bigger operation involving the NSA. The main characters from before return and many new characters are introduced as well. Once again you will traverse down Chandler Avenue in search of clues and character interaction in order to progress with the story. New areas are accessible such as alleyways and sewers that were not available prior.


Once again you are able to utilize the hint system if you ever find yourself at a loss of what to do next (there will be a few moments). This adventure seems much longer than the last and the puzzles are plentiful and tricky. The option to bypass the a puzzle is available and may be a saving grace for some. Playing through this title so closely to the last made me feel a bit of burnout so I made use of that helpful option.


In terms of the FMV aspect the acting is much better this time around but the comedic aspect seems to have taken a backseat. This will all depend on the preference of the player, of course, but I much preferred the comedy of “Under the Killing Moon” over the more serious tone here. The story is the main emphasis in this title along with the love interest Tex has for Chelsee.


The sound department of this title is fantastic as well. Very detective-like jingles will play throughout the adventure and the voice acting for each character is very well done.

There are multiple ending to be found as well and will depend on the decisions you make. There are good and bad endings. If you wish to explore them all creating multiple save files will be a valuable asset.


Most consider this to be the best in the series in terms of story and it really shows how much effort was put into this title back in the day. The 6th entry is the series “Overseer” is one of my personal favourites as it is a retelling of the first game which is a bit dated by the standards of today. It is also known for the infamous cliffhanger which was partially rectified by a radio drama. The long-awaited sequel to that title will be coming out possibly early next year known as the “Tesla Effect”.


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