Gone Home


How to make a simple, fun and engaging adventure game.


It is not often an adventure game receives rave reviews from mainstream game websites. I decided to investigate this matter myself. Gone Home, at its heart, is a pure adventure game. Do not go in expecting any guns or shooting or even character interaction. This is a game designed purely for fans of point and click and mystery.

Apparently one of the game designers worked on the famed Bioshock game. It is nice to see popular developers take on a niche genre. In their first outing I would say they are off to a pretty good start.


The game starts you off in a mansion. You are basically uncovering the story of the family that lives here as you investigate notes, diaries and tapes left throughout the home. The heart of this game lies within the story. Objects are there for you to pick up and toss but essentially does not have any real use in terms of gameplay. The story is told through narration once you locate the correct documents. New areas will be unlocked as you progress through the game.


Immersion is the key word here. You will feel immersed and intrigued in the life of the family who lives in this mansion. Puzzles in this game are nonexistent – so even casual players can get into this game. There are no “Game Overs” or bad guys to kill or hide from. Essentially you are alone in this house and follow through with the linear storyline. The storyline is something I won’t delve into as it would ruin the experience, but it is interesting to say the least. It is something that can really relate to real world experience.

This title is pretty short and can be played through in one sitting and “short and sweet” is how I would describe this title. Everyone should experience this game except for the most xenophobic people when it comes to adventure game titles as there is a lot of reading to be done. Full Bright Company has done a fine job with their first venture on the adventure game front and I wish them all the best in their future projects.


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