Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon


Access Software released a 3rd entry in the Tex Murphy detective series and is quite a charming title to play.


Once again you reprise the role of Tex Murphy which is played by Chris Jones. You are a down on his luck detective that is more than willing to take on a high paying case. Under the Killing Moon has you dawning the Blade Runner-esque world and this time trying to solve a mystery right across the street from your office on Chandler Avenue. Pawn shops were being robbed in the area and you decide to lend a helping hand.


One major factor that has been added to this game is Full Motion Video (FMV). This showcases real-actors in the actual game world. You choose how to respond to characters in certain events which will dictate the outcome. Tex has a voice this time around which is played by the game designer Chris Jones himself. Tex is a bit of a goofball in this title which may be a bit over the top for some, nonetheless it sure adds character to Tex.


Chandler Avenue is free for you to roam as you please and talk to the local residence of the street at will. Just as in the previous entries in this series you will find yourself coming back to people for more clues as different events unfold. The free roaming aspect adds a great deal of immersion compared to the previous titles, which is a great welcome.


There are puzzles abound and many collectible items to find. Puzzles are not too difficult, but if you ever find yourself struggling with certain details there is a hint system to take advantage of. Some puzzles may seem a bit repetitive such as putting together scraps of paper, although in general, a puzzle will never really have you pulling your hair out.

The sound is a major improvement over the previous entries. The music and audio quality are pretty good for a game released in 1994. Voice acting, while perfectly suitable for each character, will not really win any awards as it is not the most professional acting job. Although, this can be seen as part of the charm of this game.

Once you complete this adventure you will surely be craving for the next. Access Software did an excellent job with this entry which only got better in the next.


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