Tex Murphy: Martian Memorandum


The 2nd entry in the Tex Murphy series is a classic from the early 90s, but does not have the edge over its followup entry “Under a Killing Moon.”


Tex Murphy is a sci-fi detective game with comedic elements throughout. Yes, it is also another game inspired by Blade Runner which is evident from the world itself. Tex lives in a futuristic environment where even outer planets such as mars are contain life. Humans and Mutants are prominent in this area and political issues are present as well.


Scenes consist of dialogue with characters, and areas where you are on foot exploring. The options such as talk, move, open, get are reminiscent of the ScummVM games. For characters to open up to your line of questioning in some situations the player much choose correct responses. If responses are not to the liking of the game then you must do the responses all over again. This is a slight irk some people may have with this adventure. Throughout your adventure you will venture through exotic locations and encounter scenes of erotica (Classic Tex Murphy). Saving often will be a valuable asset as well as dead ends can be encountered along the way. If you ever find yourself in a bind be sure to make use of the built-in hint system.


The voice acting is fairly well done for a game released back in 1991. The voice acting in terms of quantity is not as much as the later entries in the series and even the main protagonist himself is speechless in this title. Music is a bit on the dated side so it not as memorable in this area but it does its jobs in setting the proper mood.

There are many characters that you will encounter along the way in solving the mystery at hand although some are not as well-developed as they should be. Also, The game may be a bit hard to get into for people who are not used to the earlier adventure games as it requires adjusting to a few annoyances such as pixel-hunting and repetitive background art for character locations..

Overall as a fan of the series this is a solid adventure game everyone should try, but the sequel Under a Killing Moon should be priority since it is much more up to date in terms of FMV and voice acting. These elements are what really added charm to this series and made it popular back in the day. The first title – Mean Streets – is even more dated than this adventure, but if you are a hardcore adventure game fanatic by all means give it a whirl. The story in the first entry was retold in a later title in the series called Overseer so not everyone should feel forced to play through the first game.


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