Broken Sword – DC


It has been many years since I first played through this classic adventure title – the original version at the time – and I was curious to see how this Director’s Cut edition was in comparison to the original. I must say – even today – I enjoyed this title very much as it still holds the charm it did all those years ago.

The game has you playing though as a man named George Stobbart an American Patient lawyer who fell prey to a crime scene in Paris. He and a woman named Nico Collard have destinies which become intertwined in solving the mysteries around Paris and Europe. The story delves deep into the historical subjects such as the Knights Templar and the secrets they have left behind.


Occasionally, you will get to play as Nico, but not as much as you may expect. What makes this adventure title so thrilling is the sense of exploration and actually feeling like you are traversing these European Locations. Each area is full of detail and charming characters with interesting personalities. There are plenty of clues and puzzles to solve throughout your quest as well.


The puzzles in this game may seem a bit difficult for some as it requires a bit of guesswork especially with the translation puzzles, but it is nothing that should have you pulling your hair out. The quintessential combining items and placing them in the correct location is there as well. Personally, I find the puzzles were well done and do not require too much thinking. In this director’s cut edition I found that all hotspots were on the screen so you know exactly which Items are selectable – no pixel hunting here. Also, the new art which was added in was a nice addition as I found it adds to the immersion of the experience.

The music once again stands out as you play through this adventure. One of the central aspects which adds a charm to this game is the music. It feels like you are playing through a Disney film, at times. Although, I found I had to turn down the music in the options menu as it clashed with the voices in the MAC OS X version I played. The voice acting is superb as each character is voiced to suit their nationalities and personalities perfectly. Overall, a stellar job was done in this department.


It is hard to think of any real cons for this title especially when comparing to the rest of the series. While I enjoyed the other adventures of George and Nico in their later titles none seem to have hit quite home as much as the original. Once the fifth entry in the series is released I’m sure Charles Cecil and his team will want to do whatever possible to live up to the first titles, especially since they are returning to 2D form.


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